Jetwave Operations Handbook

v1.1 January 2017

1. Legal Discalimer

Jetwave Airlines (JWA) is a Virtual Airline that operates with the sole purpose of enhancing the on-line Flight Simulator experience. We are in no way affiliated with a real-world airline. All published material and products are for simulation purposes only and shall not be used for real-world operations.

2. Membership

2.1 Age: Must be 16 years of age or older. Jetwave is in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and any member who is in violation of this requirement will be terminated. 

2.2 Software: Must own a legal copy of Microsoft FSX, FSX Steam, or Lockheed P3D. Members that use pirated copies will be terminated.

2.3 Note: Jetwave reserves the right to reject any application or terminate any membership without notice, explanation, or reason.

2.4 Transferring hours: Previous flight time will be considered for rank assignment at hiring and the minimums are subject to change based on the needs of the VA. Transfer hours are not factored in your totals since Jetwave operates a single aircraft type and promotions are based on involvment with this VA.

2.5 Probationary Status: All pilots, regardless of rank, are in a probationary status upon hiring and must log a flight within 14 days.

2.6 Currency: All pilots must log two flights per month to maintain currency. After 30 days of inactivity, a notice will be sent. After another 30 day period of inactivity, your membership will be suspended.

2.7 Inactivity: Inactive pilots with less than 10 hours will be terminated completely. If the pilot re-applies to Jetwave, any and all flights, hours, awards, and stats will not be restored. Inactive pilots with greater than 10 hours will be placed in a 'Furloughed' status and may re-activate their accounts in the future.

2.8 Termination: A pilot may be terminated for any of, but not limited to, the following situations: flight inactivity, unprofessional behavior in the forums or via email, misconduct while operating under the 'Jetwave' callsign on VATSIM, theft of intellectual property, and pirating of software.

2.9 Leave of Absence: A pilot may request leave in order to retaining membership and not be placed in an inactive status. Submit a message via "Contact Us".

3. Flight Operations

3.1 Use of ACARS is required to ensure complete and accurate reporting. A manual report may be submitted if the sim or ACARS crashes and the flight is resumed. Note the reason in the comments section of the report. Frequent use of this waiver will result in rejected submissions until your sim can be fixed.

3.2 Aircraft substitutions are not allowed. Jetwave provides highly modified and automated freeware options in addition to payware textures. If your model of choice is not supported, submit a request for consideration.

3.3 The simulator time shall be set to the scheduled departure time.

3.4 Up to 4x sim rate is allowed only if operating on VATSIM and in un-controlled airspace, as per VATSIM regulations. Note: you will only receive credit for actual real-world flight time. This is to prevent unfair 'padding' of stats by using time-accel.

3.5 An hours cap is imposed as per FAA regulations: 12/day, 100/month, 1000/year. Logbook entries in excess will be rejected.

3.6 Max landing rate is -600fpm, as per FAR 25.473. Rates in excess of -750fpm (25% increase) is considered a mishap and the logbook entry will be rejected. 

3.7 Flights conducted on VATSIM shall utilize the callsign ICAO prefix "JWA" and include "Callsign: Jetwave /" in the remarks.  

3.8 All flights conducted on VATSIM must file an appropriate flight plan. "GPS DIRECT" is not valid.

3.9 Unless authorized otherwise, selecting 'Custom Charters' in ACARS is a privilege reserved for the rank of Captain. Bidding on a scheduled charter is available to all pilots.