VA Features

At Jetwave, we truly offer a realistic airline model while maintaining the enjoyment of the Flight Sim hobby. Connecting as a community and providing a professional product is our mission. Some key features that make Jetwave a fun place to be:

  • Forums and TeamSpeak server to foster a social atmosphere. 
  • Professional training program that focuses on developing new pilots.
  • Route of flight and cruise info contained in each brief, cutting down on flight planning time.
  • Charter of the Week featuring non-scheduled destinations to diversify our operations.
  • Regular VATSIM fly-ins, built around the VATUSA calendar to maximize pilot-ATC interaction.
  • Achievement based promotion: it takes more than just hours to earn your Captain's stripes!

Read more: Jetwave Operations Handbook

Jetwave FAQ

Q: What are the requirements for flying with Jetwave?

A: 16 years of age, own FSX or P3D, and log two flights a month.

Q: What experience do I need to have?

A: None! If you're willing to connect with us and learn, we'll teach you what you need to know.

Q: Do I have to fly on VATSIM?

A: Having an account is required to promote interest in flying online, but it is not necessary for each flight. 

Q: How do I buy a ticket on your airline?

A: You can't! We're a simulator-based flying club, not a real airline.