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Newsdesk / Re: VATSIM Fly-In 26 March
« Last post by Daniel Lane on March 25, 2017, 08:57:11 AM »
Yeah I was going to fly up there today.

Working PDX today or during the event?
Newsdesk / Re: VATSIM Fly-In 26 March
« Last post by Andrew Johnson on March 24, 2017, 10:18:30 PM »
Just planning on SEA-DEN? I'll either be on SAN-SEA or working Portland Approach. 
Newsdesk / VATSIM Fly-In 26 March
« Last post by Daniel Lane on March 24, 2017, 08:34:46 PM »
Slightly late idea but VATUSA is hosting full-service ATC between Seattle and Denver this Sunday evening. I'll be on around 2300Z (7pm EDT) if anyone would like to join up.
Newsdesk / First Passenger Flight Takes Off
« Last post by Jetwave Newsdesk on February 28, 2017, 10:43:08 PM »
Las Vegas, NV - Jetwave Flight 119 initiated the airline's passenger service Tuesday, departing San Diego at 3:40pm. The B737-800, carrying an almost full cabin with 152 passengers, received the ceremonial 'water salute' upon landing at McCarran Intl. First Officer Bruce Gamble was part of the crew that made the inaugural flight.

"With a name like "Gamble" it was my destiny to be with the crew headed to Vegas, certainly makes for a good publicity stunt. Still, it is an honor to take part in the history of this company and we gave the people of San Diego a reason to make us the hoemtown airline of choice."

When asked if anything remarkable happened during the flight, FO Gamble commented:

"There was a group of light-weights in row 30; it was only a short hop but they managed to 'pre-game' a little too much with the in-flight beverages and became unruly. The cabin crew requested one of us come back there to get them under control - they straightened up real quick when they saw me coming down the aisle. Hopefully Sin City tuckers them out for the return leg..."

The aircraft, registerered to the airline as N101JW, was delivered from Seattle just the day prior by Captains Lane and MacDonald. Three of the 12 airframes produced for the airline have arrived at the San Diego base. Jetwave plans on initiating round-trip service to 15 destinations by the end to the month.
Newsdesk / Jetwave to commence service
« Last post by Daniel Lane on February 25, 2017, 11:48:10 PM »
Hiring has begun as Jetwave prepares to launch in March. Aircraft are currently being transferred from the Renton Production Facility (RNT) to Boeing Field (BFI) for final preparations.
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